Posted on January 27, 2011

We put up a Lobster Pot camera for Bristol Audi last March. With just a few days before the site opens, excitement is mounting. Bristol Audi have found the camera useful, as explained by Steve Smith:

"The new Bristol Audi showroom at Cribb's Causeway has been a few years in the planning - and for myself and all concerned at Bristol Audi, it often felt as if it would never happen. When we were told we could monitor build progress from our individual desks in the workplace and at home, we were expecting a series of poor photographs once every few weeks.

Therefore you can imagine the buzz when we logged in and found high quality, live views of the site, updated every 15 minutes!

Ever since that momentous first day of digging, I have had every member of staff informing me of progress- from how many diggers are on site, to the first piece of steel, and daily progress on every pane of glass or tree planted.

The Lobster Vision viewer is a major factor in staff motivation and recruitment, and a great marketing aid. The imagery has been viewed by customers and guests in the centre, to build the excitement and expectation surrounding the new showroom.

Lobster Vision has proved to be an invaluable tool: helping to support and manage planning and progress awareness for the whole management team, alongside Audi UK.

To be able to bring a build project like this into the office remotely with such clarity, and use images and video in numerous ways over the past year, has helped to motivate us all - a factor which has driven our business in 2010, and driven our desire to succeed in 2011. If I had a pound for every time somebody viewed images or played the time lapse sequence, I could build another showroom.

I cannot recommend Lobster Pictures enough - and I'd certainly recommend their solutions for any build project where passion for the business is important!"

Steve Smith, Head of Business, Bristol Audi