Compare your model with the as-built record - anywhere.

With Lobster Vision BIM integration, you can now view and share your model, accurately aligned with the high-resolution photographic record, from anywhere. Placing the model directly into the as-built record means you can compare the model from any camera angle, at any time in the past, and ‘fast forward’ to see how the building will look into the future.

Check out the live camera here

A few uses of this revolutionary tool include:  


When we first install Lobster Pot cameras on your site - it’s usually just a blank canvas. With BIM integration, you can see how the building will look a month or a year into the build, or how it will look in the environment when it’s complete - without having to commission expensive visualisations, and in a way you can share with anyone.

Verify & Validate

You can compare progress against expectation at any time - giving you a valuable tool to ensure that what’s happening on site is what you expect, when you expect it.


Lobster Vision BIM is completely dynamic. When the server-based model is updated, Lobster Vision API can produce an entirely new ‘timeline’ to reflect the changes - so you know the model you’re seeing is accurate and in-date. Bringing the digital and the visual together means that you can see the imagery in one place, wherever you are. We’ve built powerful time-comparision tools into Lobster Vision - so you can easily pick out details and accurately see what's been done, when.