Lobster Pictures

Case Study: Anytime Films


Anytime Films is a film production company in South Wales. They wanted three cameras for a five year project, but didn't require monitoring. Their office is near the site, and they are technically adept.

What we did

Over a series of conversations, we assessed the requirements - robust, high quality time lapse cameras that could be installed, controlled and managed by the client, with the potential for use in further projects. The ability to periodically check and download material without disrupting the camera was also paramount.

Lobster Pot Light

We designed the Lobster Pot Light. Using a 'two box' solution meant that the cameras could be mounted on high poles, with a secure control box at ground level. Anytime can control the days, times and intervals that the cameras shoot, and adjust exposure, file type and size - all from the control box.


We delivered three Lobster Pot Light cameras, and a tutorial on how to set up and use them. We provided advice and hardware to mount on the masts they'd chosen. The cameras were delivered in March 2010, and have not missed a beat.