Lobster Pictures

Case Study: Brighton and Hove Albion FC


Brighton and Hove Albion FC are building a new stadium at Falmer. The Community Stadium will provide a new home and facilities for 'The Seagulls'.

What we did

The club has a loyal and devoted fanbase, who have a very keen interest in the work-in-progress. So the ability to see high quality imagery on a live website, throughout the build, was a must, as well as the reliable, above-HD filming for archive, print and web publication. After the camera had been in place for nine months, action switched from outside to inside the stadium.

Lobster Pot - Fuel Cell powered

The new location inside the stadium, to watch among other things the iconic arch placement, was far from any power sources, and under a roof canopy. We designed and built a methanol fuel cell system to power the camera. This low-maintenance solution only needs refuelling every 100 days.


The camera system is a firm favourite with the fans, and has been running on a fuel cell for four months. View the camera here.