Posted on December 18, 2013

Velux is a household name for many of us. Known for their domestic roof windows and skylight installations – anyone with a loft conversion will have considered their products. However with a growing commercial market, we were asked to help showcase their innovative modular lighting system.

As well as adding great visual appeal to any build, the advanced modular lighting system solution will be daylight enhancing, ensuring a healthy indoor environment and controllable ventilation. Velux installed the atrium for the DSV headquarters building near Copenhagen. This uses 420 roof modules to create the Velux modular skylight pathways. The installation, originally budgeted to take four months, was completed in an incredible 15 days. Two of our Lobster Pot camera systems were installed on-site at the start of the project in early September and positioned above and below the atrium. In order to capture the installation in its entirety, our engineers had to design and build a three-metre tall tripod system above the atrium. This highlights the engineering challenges that we commonly face. The design work was completed off-site and the sophisticated tripod system was put together successfully on-site. Time lapse was a crucial part of telling the story for this project and bringing the installation to life. The incorporation of time lapse, music, photography and video techniques helped produce a high-quality demonstration of the product and overall installation process. Velux now have a great film to share with their customers, as well as within the company as a learning tool. The simplicity of both the elegant design and the skylight mechanism provides a perfect light solution that truly brings 'light to life'.