Posted on February 07, 2014

The world of advertising is growing and with the development of technology and the rise of social media, brands are going above and beyond to produce creative and innovative campaigns to promote their products. Today's technology allows us to engage with content anywhere in the world, directly tailored to our needs. Rich content in particular helps to retain audience attention and increase the likelihood of it being shared socially. We've taken to the world wide web and found a selection of advertising campaigns that incorporate time lapse films to do just that. Here are some of our favourites: Tim Piper's 'Evolution' campaign for Dove

The Dove Evolution film was created by Tim Piper in 2006 and addresses how our perception of beauty is distorted by the media and heavily edited images. The film was part of Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty to promote the Dove Self-esteem Fund. It had a huge impact when it was first published and has since received 16 million+ YouTube views. 3D Time Lapse film for Deutsche Telekom's Entertain 3D package by Tribal DDB View their Campaign Live Feature This film, created by Tribal DDB for Deutsche Telekom's Entertain 3D package, claims to be the first ever 3D time lapse film. The 90-second film was made to be broadcast globally at festivals, trade shows and exhibitions. Ironlak video advertisement 'Limitless' by Selina Miles

A team of graffiti artists were sponsored by Australian paint company Ironlak to market their products by transforming an empty warehouse. The short film, created by videographer Selina Miles was used as part of their incredible advertising campaign.