Knowing what you need, delivering what you want

Our wide experience of construction and engineering projects means we know how to provide the right products and services for you and your organisation, and we understand the constraints of timescales and budgets.

We work directly and in joint consultations with:

  • Construction managers
  • Architects
  • CEOs
  • Project managers
  • Marketing managers
  • PR/Communication managers
  • Brand managers

Working with a wide range of stakeholders means we know how to make compelling content that improves communications and adds meaning and value to the project.

Technical know-how

We understand the operational and safety factors that must be observed in different sectors - at height, rail, offshore - and might affect our installation and de-rig work.

Creative skills

We have a dedicated team of editors, and many staff with backgrounds in the creative sector - broadcast TV, photography, music and graphic design. We know how to produce great films that will capture the imagination of colleagues, broadcasters and the public.

We're happy to pass films to you online for approval and changes, or you're welcome to edit at our facility in Bristol.