Safe and experienced

We've worked in all kinds of challenging environments, bringing time lapse solutions to oil terminals, military facilities, incinerator chimneys, suspension bridge towers, offshore wind turbines, skyscrapers, gantry cranes, and hydro-electric dams.

We have the training, experience, and certifications to work safely virtually anywhere. We always produce and review Method Statements and Risk Assessments for our work, and we never take risks with the safety of our team or others.


ISO 9001:2015 Certified

As the only provider of time lapse and monitoring with ISO 9001:2015 certification, you have the reassurance of working with a team that is customer-focussed, quality led and constantly striving to exceed your expectations.



IPAF International Powered Access Federation
GWO WTG Working at Height & Rescue
Renewables UK


CSCS is the leading certification card scheme for individuals working in the built environment.  Holding a CSCS card confirms a site worker has the required qualifications and training to carry out the work for which they are employed on a construction site. Anyone on our team who visits site - from sales, to site recces, to installations and de-rigs - has this card.


IPAF International Powered Access Federation: This certification and logbook system allows us to use a wide range of cherrypickers and scissorlifts safely.  All of our technicians have this certification.

SSSTS Supervising safely

This qualification for supervising safely on construction sites ensures that our technicians work with safety and best practice in mind at all times.

PRINCE2 Project management

PRINCE2 embodies established and proven best practice in project management and is used extensively by our public and private sector clients. Our Sales Director Kelvin Eaton holds this qualification.


These specialist courses enable our team to work safely on offshore oil, gas and wind installations. A range of courses over a number of weeks - including the infamous 'helicopter underwater in a cold swimming pool' - get our team to a level that's unmatched in the industry.

RoSPA Defensive driving

Our technicians cover a lot of miles both in the UK and overseas - sometimes in countries with road systems that don't match the UK for safety. Having this qualification helps our people to drive safely and courteously, wherever they are.

UK Renewables WTG Working at Height & Rescue

These working at height courses not only allow us to work on wind turbines worldwide - they also provide valuable insight and training that informs how we work safely at height in many other situations.